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three blessings

First, a Celtic blessing through words

Then, a blessing through dance, clarinet and lute

Finally, the word- and soundless blessing that blesses us all,


John O’Donohue’s anam cara nestled between some Irish stones

A blessing from ancient Ireland

(from the book ‘anam cara’ by John O’Donohue)

A blessing

May the light of your soul guide you.

May the light of you soul bless the work

you do with the secret love and

warmth of your heart.

May you see in what you do the beauty

of your own soul.

May the sacredness of your work bring healing,

light and renewal to those who work with you

and to those who see and receive your work.

May your work never weary you.

May it release within you wellsprings of refreshment,

inspiration and excitement.

May you be present in what you do.

May you never become lost in the bland absences.

May the day never burden.

May dawn find you awake and alert,

approaching your new day with dreams,

possibilities and promises.

May evening find you gracious and fulfilled.

May you go into the night blessed, sheltered

and protected.

May your soul calm, console and renew you.


A blessing through dance, clarinet and lute

I’m not sure if this is a blessing, but to me, it is.

Movement in air, strings, body.

Youth and old age, together

in timeless time.

Is it a prayer?

It’s a blessing

A blessing

to be part of

this wonderful





Maybe read the Celtic blessing once more, but now with ‘Eileen’ in the background?

The one blessing that blesses us all, always

Maybe listen to ‘Eileen’ one more time, but outside this time, the sun, moon, air or rain on you face?



Below an interview by the clarinet player with the dancer, Eileen. What I find especially intriguing about this interview is the transition at the end, around the 13:50 min mark. First the talking, somewhat awkward, then a hug and then, very naturally, they enter this different realm of being together, through clarinet and dance. Suddenly, they’re closer than ever. The awkwardness of words dissolve into a new and crystal clear communication. They’re home.

If we really want to Be together, learning how to be without words is essential. There is a great importance of understanding how to express ourselves not just through words. Imagine if our education would take this seriously. Every one of us learning different ways of expressing ourselves, thereby also helping us to find our own unique way. Imagine all the different ways of being together! My guess is the mandatory birthday get-togethers would morph into something altogether astounding. Something weirdly and especially more deeply satisfying (or at the very least, less predictable!) then we can imagine.

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