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threads of the day, daily threads: question - quest - question

‘the’ thread may yet appear…

question - quest - question

i’m a night owl and stumbled across a night owl treasure - night tracks, music after dark from the bbc

i’ve bought some pencils, i’ve bought some sketch books, i’ve started drawing again, it’s been a while

this, it seems, is only just beginning to unfold

this is from a couple of days ago

this is me thinking on paper

this is me giving myself permission

this is me quizzing on an out-of-tune piano in a thick dutch accent

this is before completion - all the pieces of the puzzle are present but scattered

this is a great radiohead cover and the jigsaw is falling into place

this is radiohead and now everything is in its right place

this is an album i came across in an actual real life store, this is the digital version

this is the answer to the quiz

this is goodbye

what a day!


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