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green on green

green on green


yellow green



becomes yellow

on green.

always turning leaves

like a record

recorded amongst leaves

ever turning

turning, turning

to e.w.

a poem. inspired by:

a green leaf resting, then slowly turning yellow, on a green record.

the record is by Bernie Krause, and is called ‘The Great Animal Orchestra

(a song one might want to listen to, from a different album, but i’m listening to it now, is rainy-day dream)

the album, altered:

or, another version

The plant’s name is Klaus von Rukbat al Samakah-fume (Klaus, for short). Named after its former caregivers‘ star signs.

Klaus is resting its (former) green leaf on Krause’s record. Klaus & Krause. They seem happy enough together.


so it was,

green on green.

weeks later, yellowish green,

then, greenish yellow

later still, no more green, just yellow.

yellow on green.

and so, with the turning leaves

and the ever turning green,

the poem above was born.


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