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a singing passage through puberty

what‘s happening to my light voice? well i want to become a man so it’s really a good thing

i think i became way too tall, and i was a bit shocked. can’t someone else be that tall? I’m comfortable where I am right now. i don’t like to look down on people

i’m confident and am not embarrassed about anything. except my height. i’m not embarrassed but i think i’m too short

i feel like i’ll lose something when my voice breaks. i know i’m gaining something new, but i feel like something is taken from me

going from playing to just talking was a drastic change for me

i was very confused. no one around me was like me, and i didn’t know how i was supposed to be. should i be the funny guy or should i be stuck up? should i grow my hear long or should i cut it off? who should i be? and when should i be this?

i tried to emulate a thug from the hood. the way i walked, the way i talked

i want to feel like i belong

i don’t think i’m a typical boy, i’m somewhere in between, i’m a bit more emotional

i was one of the first boys to talk about sensitive topics

there’s not a lot of talk about love

i had my heart broken. i left it alone. it was fine

whatever you do, don’t be afraid

yes, i’ve experienced love. it’s impossible to describe

what does it mean to be together?

i haven’t met a lot of people yet, so there’s still a chance that i’ll fall in love for real one day

it’s hard to handle love and anger

it’s childish

when all my friends are at a party and i’m not invited. those things happen. it’s happened to me a lot

i would say that my biggest fear probably is to be alone again

i’m afraid to fail in life

i’ve matured a little, i guess. but i still have a bit left. it would be sad if this is as mature as i’ll be

i just grab some clothes that are clean

i look forward to things. it’s just about looking forward to things, and being free

i hope i can reach my goals

i don’t want to be boring, i just want to race ahead, i’m a special pearl in the ocean that’s not like every other

be yourself, and you’ll shine

maybe i’m just weird

and some context:

And for the Dutch readers, a (Dutch) film by Tomas Kaan (who I once interviewed) on a similar topic.

The threshold to adulthood now really is close for these 9 boys in ‘Wij Zijn 18’:


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