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perplexing tips from vintage schumacher

In my journeys of trying to get less perplexed, more perplexity is perplexing itself in pixels, pixies and predominantly pee-coloured pony’s. It’s all a bit strange; one might even be swayed to say: perplexing. Thankfully, there is a guide for that particular emotion. Quite the book. A Great book! Here are some guiding tips from that book, by the writer E.F. Schumacher himself:

“The pairs of opposites, of which freedom and order and growth and decay are the most basic, put tension into the world, a tension that sharpens man’s sensitivity and increases his self-awareness. No real understanding is possible without awareness of these pairs of opposites, which, as it were, permeate everything man does.”

“Societies need stability and change;

Tradition and innovation;

Public interest and private interest;

Planning and laissez-faire;

Order and freedom;

Growth and decay;

Everywhere society’s health depends on the simultaneous pursuit of mutually opposed activities or aims. The adoption of a final solution means a kind of death sentence for man’s humanity and spells either cruelty or dissolution, or generally both.”

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