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and i wept - a mathematician, a musician and a painter discover, create, weep

finding something that may have already been there

the discovery, or the creative act, and then…

suddenly, totally unexpectedly, i had this incredible revelation

it was so indescribably beautiful

it was so simple and so elegant

how do you recognize when you find it?

tears for me

for you?

- same, yeah, same.

(skip to the 9:10 min)

And here, Rothko:

The fact that some people, when looking at my paintings, ‘break’ and burst into tears, signifies that my paintings transmute basic human emotions - tragedy, ecstasy, a sense of undoing and so on. Those that weep when looking at my paintings experience the same religious experience I had when making them. And those that say they are touched (only) by the interplay of colors, are missing the point.’

Nude, from the basement, one of many of my Radiohead favorites:

(the build-up from 2.40, then, the music falling away with just Thom Yorke’s voice remaining, then slowly going silent… and his voice returns, followed by the bass and drums supporting him again… amazing… always, always gets me)


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