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The Twelve Holy Nights


The Twelve Holy Nights: The blueprint for the coming year, and an introduction to rest, stillness and receptivity — with Louis Bijl de Vroe and Simon Ohler

Louis Bijl de Vroe and Simon Ohler are philosophers and brothers in spirit. When we get together, we combine culture, comedy, and ancient wisdom, and something happens. We like to call it Spiritual Mischief. In the vein of Spiritual Mischief, we create podcasts and education programs.

After the magic of Life and Work in the Rhythm of the Seasons, where we showed you how to follow the energy of the seasons and months throughout the year, we are now bringing you The Twelve Holy Nights, a timeless way to enjoy the most silent time of the year and to make lasting “new year’s resolutions”.

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After every time we breathe out, there is a static phase, a moment of stillness. The year knows this as well, and presents us with a static phase from December 25 to January 6.

Before that (and after), there is the expansion phase, the in-breath, from January to June. And from July to December, the year contracts and deflates. It breathes out its energy. From Christmas onwards the world begins to rest and holds still, until January 6.

These are the Twelve Holy Nights. They are a time of rest, renewal and replenishment. Each night has its own theme and corresponds with one month of the new year. By engaging in contemplation and reflection on each night, we can synchronize with this most silent time of the year.

In this time, it seems like nothing happens, except for eating, sleeping and (hopefully) joyful times with our loved ones. And yet, under the surface, these days of quiet begin to weave the yet unborn blueprint, which will take form in the approaching new year.

If we peer below the surface, these days can serve us, by bringing us into conversation with ourselves, and showing us how we may want to live in the new year.

This is the true way to form a “new year’s resolution”. Instead of making short-lived plans, we sink into deep stillness and learn to receive the energy of the new year. By opening ourselves up and receiving, instead of making or doing, we tap into the true energy of this time of the year, and magical insights may unfold through us.

We invite you to accompany us on our journey through the Holy Nights. Let’s allow ourselves to have a beautiful 2023!

Join us, on our online Twelve Holy Nights retreat, consisting of three 3-hour sessions.

Together we will:

  • Get in sync with the spirit of stillness of the Holy Nights.

  • Enjoy silence, contemplation, reflection and exchange.

  • Receive a stable foundation for our character and life development in 2023.

You will be part of three online group get-togethers with:

  • Wisdom, insights and stories on the energetic layers and rhythms of the year.

  • Time to reflect by yourself, time to exchange with others, and several guided meditations.

  • Materials to engage with the essence of each Holy Night on your own time.

More details on the sessions below.

Location: Online

Dates: 22 Dec 2022 / 29 Dec 2022 / 5 Jan 2023

Time: 19:00 - 22:00 CET

If you’re not from or in Europe, you’re welcome, too, of course! The magic of this time spans across the days and nights, and contemplation can also happen in the morning, afternoon or deep in the night. We’d love to have you : )

Cost: 75 EUR



22 December 2022, 19:00-22:00

This first session will take place on December 22nd, during the second day of new light — the Holy Nights haven’t started yet. This gives us time and space to introduce the background and concept of the Twelve Holy Nights and give an overview of the different themes that have a role to play in them.

We get to know each other in the group and there will be time for questions and conversation.

You receive material that will help you experience the Holy Nights as they arrive.

To get in touch with the spirit of the Nights, we will look at the details of Nights 1-4 together.

This first evening will be the groundwork for the days to come.


29 December 2022, 19:00-22:00

Now we’re in the midst of the Holy Nights. Night Five is coming up, but first: how is everyone doing? How have the Holy Nights and Days treated you? We will share our experiences of these first four Nights and then meditate together, enter stillness and experience a Holy Night together for the first time.

Night Five: Where we focus on individuality and uniqueness. What does your uniqueness look like? Bring forth your image of who you are and what you know. Together we will ask ourselves these questions:

  • Which qualities and properties have you inherited from your ancestors?

  • From which sources do you draw your power, which books inspire you and who are your great role models?

  • In which scenarios do you experience help and understanding, and from whom?

The corresponding word for the month is helpers, and the corresponding month is May.

And for the end: What does it mean to end a year for you? What are your traditions and rituals? Tonight, begin to round up the year in your very own way.

Session 3 / Night 12: GREET YOUR NEW SELF

5 January 2023, 19:00-22:00

The new year has started, it is 2023 now, welcome! Together, we are entering the final Holy Night.

Night Twelve: The theme of the night is to greet and welcome your new and fresh self, which is budding and unfolding, just as the new year is.

The corresponding words for the month are adorning, honoring and greeting, and the corresponding month is December. We’re coming full circle!

Tonight is about being present with everything that is there, and also that, which isn’t there yet.

Tonight is about having a nice time with you, yourself! Enjoy yourself, honor yourself! Celebrate, decorate and greet the fantastic, beautiful human that is you. The same goes with your surroundings: people, beings and things.

Together, we will engage in meditation, conversation and celebration of our fresh selves.

I bow my head in reverence to my self and to my path.

We will look back at the last seven nights we have experienced and share our highlights.

The circle of twelve holy days and nights complete, now ready for the next twelve months to come.

Renewed and with firm footing, we set off into our new year.

The Twelve Holy Nights, Night by Night:

Night 1: 25 Dec > 26 Dec

Where you feel wondersome innocence. The birth of a child.

The words belonging to the first holy night are inspiration and unity.

Night 2: 26 Dec > 27 Dec

Where you ask deep life questions.

The words belonging to the second holy night are dreaming, and facing it / looking it in the eye.

Night 3: 27 Dec > 28 Dec

Where you listen to your inner wisdom.

The words belonging to the third holy night are storytelling and experiencing true intention (just so, and without giving thought to achievement, form or design of your intentions).

Night 4: 28 Dec > 29 Dec

Where you feel tender self love.

The words belonging to the fourth holy night are gratitude and self love.

Night 5: 29 Dec > 30 Dec

Where you focus on your individuality and your uniqueness.

The word belonging to the fifth holy night is helpers.

Night 6: 30 Dec > 31 Dec

Where you strengthen your inner determination. Focus your willpower, your determination, your resolve.

The words belonging to the sixth holy night are stillness, willpower, facing your resistance.

Night 7: 31 Dec > 1 Jan

Where you deepen your imagination.

The words belonging to the seventh holy night are connecting, experiencing transition, letting go of the current year and looking forward to the next one.

Night 8: 1 Jan > 2 Jan

Where your sacred freedom awakens. This is the Freedom to be who you are.

The words belonging to the eight holy night are joy and vitality.

Night 9: 2 Jan > 3 Jan

Where you get to know your real needs.

The words belonging to the ninth holy night are travelling, and taking your place in the world, from a place of freedom.

Night 10: 3 Jan > 4 Jan

Where you harmonize with the symphony of the universe, and fall into the rhythm of the world.

The words belonging to the tenth holy night are desire, tuning in, falling in (with the greater).

Night 11: 4 Jan > 5 Jan

Where you radiate universal love.

The word belonging to the eleventh holy night is dancing (get moving, feel free, feel joy and energy).

Night 12: 5 Jan > 6 Jan

Where you greet and welcome your fresh Self, which is budding and unfolding, just as the new year is.

The words belonging to the twelfth holy night are adorning, honoring and greeting.

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