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creative acts, ways of being, some carnage, some assholes and the inevitable sound of subways

“The object isn‘t to make art,

it’s to be in that wonderful state

which makes art inevitable.”

- Robert Henri

the name is Neo, by the way

So this:

From this book:

Which, for the cultural palate, goes great with this particular dish (meaning the book, not my talking head, skip the head to read the page)

The book:

The page:

And why not have some side-dish Cave:

“I have no time for negativity, cynicism or blame. In that regard I feel as if I am completely and hopelessly out of time.”

If one is so inclined to consume even LESS negativity, cynicism or blame (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), read Cave’s newsletter The Red Hand Files and/or this book.

I could go on quoting this book, and Rubin’s book in full. I might! But not now. Now it’s time to finish this particular dish. So, finally, let’s mix it up with some good ol’ Kurt Vonnegut, thereby making sure the Michelin Art stars are shining as brightly as ever:

And for those wondering if Vonnegut is for them:

from his great 1973 novel, breakfast of champions

Have a great day everyone, please follow the exit sign below.


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